Tuesday 26 October 2010


We are heartbroken, we had to have our sweetheart Max put to sleep :( He was fading fast on the Tuesday, just lay on his bed, didn't want food. We were worried we couldn't get his tablets in to him, as we didn't want him fitting as well as being poorly. We managed that, then a bit later he starts rasping for breath! We got worried and phoned the emergency vet who said he could have a cold, that made sense, as the weather was starting to turn. Later on Max managed to go outside, we were hopeful then as that had been the first time he'd moved all night.

Next morning he was the same, he moved so far into the kitchen, but wouldn't have breakfast, again I wasn't bothered I just wanted him to have his tablets. Later on Jon comes home, finds Max had collapsed and rushes him to Ken, who says it doesn't look good, but put him on fluids and anti inflammatories, and we will see how he is in the morning :(

10 oclock we get a call off the emergency vet, Max had taken a turn for the worst and they didn't think he was going to get better, we didn't want Max to keep giving what he hadn't got, he'd given enough.... He was put to sleep at 10.30 on the 13th October 2010, not long after his 9th Birthday :(

We decided to have him cremated :(

Ken rang the next day, said that after examining Max he looks as if he had a brain tumour, he said everything points to it, the wobbly legs, and why some days he was good on them and some days bad, strange behaviour, staring into space, and forgetting things and the reason the epilepsy developed in him later on life, that and the fact he went downhill so quickly :( But he said that even MRI scans won't diagnose a brain tumour, it's not until it's too late that you realise. But Max is at peace now.

Everybody has been amazing it has be said, from our friends and family to friends online and people who don't even know us, everyone understands what Max meant to us, and that he wasn't just our dog, he was an important family member.

RIP dude. We had 9 fantastic years with Max :( Not sure how the big 7 and half stone hole is going to be filled.

Friday 3 September 2010


Decided to take a drive up to the hydrotherapy centre yesterday! ( 2nd ) and it was shut! :( Oh well, never mind... Been trying to ring today and no answer from either phone :( I hope I can get Max hydro sorted soon! Will try again Monday....

25th August 2010

Took Max to the vet today, to have his jabs updated and to get Kens referral for hydrotherapy! he agreed that it would be good for Max :D So I have referral form signed and stamped, just need Max's vaccination card from the vet, I forgot to take it with me, so dropped it off for Ken to stamp, will pick up tomorrow :)

Next plan is to drive up to the hydrotherapy centre and drop the forms in and book his first session :D I want to drive up there first as i'm not too sure where the place is lol and I would hate to get lost with Max in the car

Thursday 19 August 2010


Today I rang the vets to make an appointment for Max to have his booster jabs, and hopefully a referral, which I can't see Ken denying :) as soon as we've done that we're good to go!Max's appointment is at 10am next wednesday! I blogged it, so at least I can refer back to the blog if I forget it lol

So jealous! wish I was having hydrotherapy, pool looks fab!

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Early Days

It's terrifying initially, not knowing what the future holds...

12th October 2009  Very early morning we were woken by Max thrashing about, of course what did we do! turn the flippin' light on! Max was lying on his side in full seizure, foaming at the mouth... It stopped after 2 or 3 minutes, seemed like forever, rang the emergency vet who said for Max to come in later on in the morning. Said to keep Max calm, and to watch him... By the time i'd finished the call Max was concious again and trying to run around. It's important to add that as soon as he's fallen, he's unconcious, he doesn't realise what is happening, he gains conciousness soon after the seizure, he gets up shakes himself and while we are scared he's wondering what the hell just happened! Is that why he started gnashing his teeth before bed??  Get to the vet and he says that it could be a one off, sometimes that happens, a dog can have a seizure once and never again! hmmm interesting. We were given diazapam to calm Max down and told to take him home and monitor him, if it happens again bring him straight back

6th NovemberEarly that morning Max had another two seizures, took him straight back to the vet who diagnosed epilepsy and prescribed epiphen, 90 mg twice a day initially, and blood tests... The blood test won't diagnose epilepsy, but will diagnose any underlying problems with the organs that may cause the seizures, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the seizures, they happen when he's relaxed and sleeping...  He had another seizure in the afternoon. All his seizures had been in the night so far, so was very interesting to witness one during the day. We were lucky, the dosage of meds seemed to suit Max, this can be hard to get right initially... He had a few wobbly moments, and his thirst was increased, as was his appetite, we made sure he had lots of veg, pasta, rice along with fresh meats and apples and carrots for snacks. This worked and Max seemed to be satisfied

There are two types of epilepsy;
Idiopathic - When no known cause is identified
Secondary - When there is an underlying cause.

The seizure itself is broken down into four stages
 Prodrome - This can occur minutes, hours or days before a seizure, there may be a change in behaviour or mood... We havent seen this with Max it has to be said
Aura - These are initial signs than can include, pacing, licking whining, trembling, vomiting, hiding, soiling themselves, This must of been the stage Max was at when he was gnashing his teeth.
Ictus - The siezure itself, loss of conciousness, thrashing, foaming of the mout, gnashing of teeth, loss of bladder and bowel control... Some dogs also have partial seizures, or they stare into space. Max's body will stiffen and he'll fall over, by this time he's unconcious.
Ictal - After the seizure, acts doped or drunk, may pace endlessly, also drink lots. All this applies to Max, we need to watch him carefully at this stage.

Happily the blood test came back as Max's organs being healthy, which is a relief. Max's epilepsy isn't inherited either, because if a dog has inherited epilepsy it shows before the age of 5, rare for an older dog to develop it. The vet said that a blow to the head or a difficult birth can cause it, i'm convinced it was Max's birth as he was the biggest pup of the litter.

Christmas passed with no problems, Max fitted a couple of times.. Twice when we weren't there, it's not nice to think he's on his own when does :(

17th June - Another blood test, this was to check the level of medication in Max's system, too low and the meds need increasing. Blood test revealed that his blood levels are borderline, we had two options, increase the epiphen or introuduce potassium bromide. I asked what ken would suggest, he said potassium bromide. Max has gone from 90mg of epiphen twice a day to 2 x potassium bromide twice a day, and 120mg of epiphen twice a day.

25th June - Not happy with Max on the increase dose, he's far too wobbly, hate seeing him like that, so rang ken and asked to have the meds decreased, he agreed that we can give 2 bromides a day instead of four, much better... I gradually increased it back after a week, and Max was better.

18th August - Max is still a little wobbly, this is getting better.,... We've installed a stair gate to stop him from coming upstairs, he can't negotiate it as well as he used too. We go for slow walks now... Especially after the incident at Ellesmere, he decided he was going to play with other dogs, jumped in the lake and next day he couldn't walk, took him to see Ken and he said he'd pulled a muscle overdoing it. I do worry about hip dysplacia, and I get Ken to check his hips each visit, everytime I get told he's healthy, just wear and tear for a dog his age. Typical me always worried about hip dysplacia developing, never thought for a second that epilepsy could be a threat. Max wobbles on his back legs, and people comment about his hips, but its not his hips it's just his meds causing the wobbles :) Max is also on seraquin and has a magnotherapy bed! of which I am very jealous! tempted to kick him off it and snuggle down with my achys :D

Max has been a but sad lately, but glad to see that he's getting happier... Now, I want to attempt to clip his claws! wish me luck lol


Should of done this months ago

Hi, Our Dog was diagnosed with epilepsy last year, should of started this then, but we needed to get our own heads around it first... Hopefully our experiences can help someone else :)

First and formost, Max is still Max, he's still our beautiful boy. He just needs a little more care and attention than anyone else :)

Life is done at Max pace, Max is still enjoying his routines, but we've adapted it to suit, as well as safegaurd the house to minimise accidents while Max has wobblies from hs meds. Max's life is still happy, regardless of what he tells anyone lol...