Tuesday, 26 October 2010


We are heartbroken, we had to have our sweetheart Max put to sleep :( He was fading fast on the Tuesday, just lay on his bed, didn't want food. We were worried we couldn't get his tablets in to him, as we didn't want him fitting as well as being poorly. We managed that, then a bit later he starts rasping for breath! We got worried and phoned the emergency vet who said he could have a cold, that made sense, as the weather was starting to turn. Later on Max managed to go outside, we were hopeful then as that had been the first time he'd moved all night.

Next morning he was the same, he moved so far into the kitchen, but wouldn't have breakfast, again I wasn't bothered I just wanted him to have his tablets. Later on Jon comes home, finds Max had collapsed and rushes him to Ken, who says it doesn't look good, but put him on fluids and anti inflammatories, and we will see how he is in the morning :(

10 oclock we get a call off the emergency vet, Max had taken a turn for the worst and they didn't think he was going to get better, we didn't want Max to keep giving what he hadn't got, he'd given enough.... He was put to sleep at 10.30 on the 13th October 2010, not long after his 9th Birthday :(

We decided to have him cremated :(

Ken rang the next day, said that after examining Max he looks as if he had a brain tumour, he said everything points to it, the wobbly legs, and why some days he was good on them and some days bad, strange behaviour, staring into space, and forgetting things and the reason the epilepsy developed in him later on life, that and the fact he went downhill so quickly :( But he said that even MRI scans won't diagnose a brain tumour, it's not until it's too late that you realise. But Max is at peace now.

Everybody has been amazing it has be said, from our friends and family to friends online and people who don't even know us, everyone understands what Max meant to us, and that he wasn't just our dog, he was an important family member.

RIP dude. We had 9 fantastic years with Max :( Not sure how the big 7 and half stone hole is going to be filled.

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